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Fossil ammonite captured in pyrite. Truly a one of a kind! A very special gift.

Protected in my gold casing. Precious. Facinating. An ancient, over 300 million years old, relative of the chambered nautilus has been fossilized by the mineral pyrite. $375 w' 18" 14 KT gold chain.


fossil ammomite in gold casing

Festive Color Therapy - Here are examples of my Ball and Link bracelets enchanced with a variety of hues and shapes of colorful glass beads made by a glass artist in Western Massachusetts. I use these beads to create earrings, necklaces and bracelets inspired by the beach, Cape Cod Bay and colorful fashions of the day. from $88 to $121

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ball and link bracelets with hand made glass beads

Scallops and Turquoise. 5/8" x 1 1/2 " . Post earring with unique cut of turquoise and my Argentium sterling silver scallop charm hanging below creates a compact but eye catching earring. $231.00

silver hanging scallops on quarter round turquoise earring

Spring Ritual bracelet, mating horseshoe crabs

This is ' Spring Ritual.' A bracelet of Argentium sterling silver, a type of highly tarnish resistant sterling now available. Two pairs of mating horseshoe crabs interspersed by 3 Cape Cod stone cabachons cut by Barnstable craftsman, Robert Thayer. $491


sea urchiins and scalops in sterling silver with glass beads

THE SEA URCHIN - This Sea Urchin inspired necklace has been years in gestation. It combines my facination with sea life which began as a child exploring the tidal pools of the Atlantic Ocean, my love of combining gold and silver and a 2009 trip to Italy. While I was in the Vatican Museum, I comtemplated and photographed a necklace which inspired this long-short pattern. The urchin sections and scallops are in sterling silver. Handmade clear glass beads have 24 Kt gold encased within and the black onyx beads create a striking contrast. There is a 2 inch extension included to allow for different legths depending on the look you want.

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SUNWORSHIPER- A mermaid or merman  crafted in sterling or gold, drawn in any postion, overlaid on to any piece of authentic seaglass. You can chose a piece at the studio or use one of your treasured pieces.  The rim of fine silver  or gold  which encases the seaglass can be fitted with a necklace jumpring to be worn on an omega, choker or chain or perhaps you would rather wear it as a pin. This piece is available for $181.00.  

BALL & LINK GLASSBEAD  BRACELET OR NECKLACE- The bracelet has 5 beads of your choice of available colors.  This one is called 'Summer Fun' and in sterling costs-$78.00.  A 16 inch necklace which looks great with open shirt or scooped necklines has 7 beads and costs $181.00. Any other length of sterling  or 14 and 18 kt gold necklaces or bracelets, anklets are available upon request. Please contact me.

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I will be happy to custom make any piece you request. Have you found a special piece of seaglass?

silver mermaid on sea glass shown with glass bead necklace


Exquisite mermaid of mixed metal holding a pearl.

Exquisite mermaid 3/4" x 1 7/8''. A mixed metal piece of 14 Kt gold and Argentium sterling silver with a conch pearl . Brooch/slide pendant. $562.50. This piece is now sold, however you can speciaL order it with any stone you wish.

Prices are subject to change. Please call for current price.

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